Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard OEM (Physical)

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Part Number: P73-08928 / P73-07113

Windows Server 2016 is a seamless Microsoft experience that bridges technologies such as Active Directory and virtualization with modern infrastructure concepts.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard (Physical) Product Highlights:

  • Protect your virtual machines and operating system.
  • Improve ability to detect attacks.
  • Create affordable business continuity.
  • This product is a physical product and may include packaging.
  • This product is for an OEM product.
  • This product is compatible with both physical and virtual servers.
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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard OEM (Physical) is where the present meets the future. Take advantage of modern technology designed with the latest infrastructure concepts in mind. Empower your organizations with a server operating system that gives importance to both security and accessibility.

In a time when most companies have gone online, and staff and students are working from home, you need software that can satisfy the demands of education, work, and businesses, whether done remotely or not.

Microsoft understands your needs. It offers the best productivity tools for every type of family or business, capable of dealing with various situations and expectations.

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Security at the operating system level

Protect your operating system and active workload from malicious attacks. Also, detect suspicious activity to cut off new threats before they happen. Windows Server 2016’s new security features also allow you to control access, protect your virtual machines, and secure your platform against emerging threats.

A whole new infrastructure

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard OEM (Physical) lets you tackle your operational and security challenges with an improved architecture. Free up your IT resources before executing cloud-based strategies for future applications and solutions.

Affordable high-performance storage

Use software-defined storage capabilities to reduce costs and scale up. With Microsoft Windows Server 2016, leverage automation and policies to manage your system’s growth.

Azure-inspired networking

Run your data center better through flexible computing, storage, and networking options. Pair automation and resilient operating systems with all the cloud-based features available to Microsoft Azure datacenters.

Application innovation

Finally, speed up application deployment and streamline the way IT operations and development teams collaborate. Create the pipeline to deliver applications through Microsoft Server 2016’s container technology and micro-services.

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7 reviews for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard OEM (Physical)

  1. William Mcleod

    Windows 2016 is a good product. All kinds of things about it that make it easy to install and use. A dashboard that comes up is really a good thing. The amount of space that the OS takes up on the hard drive is tiny.

  2. Leandro Lyndon

    Windows Server 2016 has been the best and most powerful server to date. This comes with increased protection and can be quickly combined with the docker. Hyper-v containers are fully isolated, and new power shells are also introduced. This server is a safe one to use in the infrastructure.”

  3. Lizzie Thomas

    It’s a fairly easy way to get a lot of employees on remote servers to access all the programs and files they need

  4. Julius Elliot

    Everything arrived quickly and worked as promised!

  5. Gino Li

    Designed with interweaving strategies to secure the different layers of the Microsoft Server ecosystem.

  6. Joy Matthew

    Best quality. We used this for our work, and it’s perfect! Activated without a hassle. Our department loves this OS. It is appropriate for us.

  7. John Lucas

    Installing was pretty easy. It works great as a host for other programs. And lastly, it is easy to attach other devices to the Domain. This version seems stable and responsive.

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