Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services

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Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services opens up a new world of possibilities for businesses to take advantage of remote work. Without sacrificing the quality of access, lay down the groundwork for your organization to be efficient and productive while on the go.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services Product Highlights:

  • Tailor-fit the user experience based on the organization’s needs.
  • Access the original work desktop and company resources from anywhere, with any device.
  • Have the software power to run demanding applications remotely.
  • Be assured that your organization’s proprietary information is secure even with remote accessibility.
  • This product is a digital license.
  • Compatible with both physical and virtual servers.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license and does not include physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services is Microsoft’s solution for your mobile workforce needs.

With Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services, enable your workforce through Remote Desktop Services. Keep your organization efficient even when working remotely while keeping proprietary data and information safe. 

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Flexible remote work options

Windows Server 2016 lets you choose between session-based virtualization, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), or a combination of the two for extending user access to other devices.

Ideal remote work setups

Set up full desktops to be accessed remotely by employees and clients. You can also use RemoteApps to run a full workstation using a virtual machine. Server 2016 is so robust that you’ll never look for another remote working solution after this.

MultiPoint Services

Finally, extend the benefits of deploying full desktops in a session-based virtualization environment using MultitPoint Services – allowing multiple users to simultaneously access a single computer. With Microsoft Server 2016, the remote work possibilities are endless.

In a time when most companies have gone online, and staff and students are working from home, you need software that can satisfy the demands of education, work, and businesses, whether done remotely or not.

Microsoft understands your needs. It offers the best productivity tools for every type of family or business. It provides products capable of dealing with various situations and expectations.

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6 reviews for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Remote Desktop Services

  1. Charis Vaughn

    It works in MacOSX as well as Windows. We use it as an extra layer of security. Add a multi-factor authentication, and it’s as secure as it can be.

  2. Clemency Powell

    The easiest way to control a Windows server without extra software

  3. Stevie Hayes

    Remote Desktop Services allows you to access systems from anywhere and anytime. Works fine with both 32 bit and 64-bit applications on Windows. Saves time when working with applications that are storing files in a server.

  4. Leah W.

    A great platform for building solutions that include providing a secure access for desktop and mobile applications and providing us access to the cloud.

  5. Andre Loye

    Having tried various remote access options, Remote Desktop is fast. It works well as it is, and I found RDS to be far superior to VNC offerings.

  6. Rose Tan

    Remote Desktop Services is a highly scalable solution for Microsoft Windows-centric organization. RDS is easy to deploy and has multiple configuration guides and guidelines published by Microsoft. A useful tool for working from home.

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