Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2017

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Buy the leading-edge server for guaranteed security, and availability performance. Secure your data while you boost in-memory performance with SQL-SVR STANDARD 2017.
SQL-SVR STANDARD 2017 Product Highlights
  • Guarantees security with Always Encrypted
  • Stretch Database and Backup
  • Boost in-memory performance
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The leading-edge server for guaranteed security and availability performance on any platform including Linux, Docker, and Windows is SQL Server Standard Edition 2017. Create an intelligent application with the utilization of any language and environment you choose. Through advanced analytical reports and models, this edition delivers real-time intelligence and reliable insights.

Incorporated in this latest SQL-Server edition is 10 Client Access Licenses.

Database security with Always Encrypted

Secure your data and keep confidential information protected with Always Encrypted in all your database. Speaking of which, bank account details -credit card or debit card, customer information, and more are all safe at your office.

Boost In-Memory Performance 

Execute multiple programs without interruption. It prevents the programs or applications from freezing.

Hybrid Scenarios

This special feature combines hybrid performance. Your data can split into two – on-premises and cloud storage. In Stretch Database, historical data are kept on the cloud storage while the active data are stored on on-premises storage to boost performance. Also, it executes automatic backup for data on cloud storage.

This feature boosts your in-memory performance to boot.



10 reviews for Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2017

  1. Sebastian Lewis

    It’s better for students since it’s free for them; they can learn a lot about databases. If they can spend, it is also better suited for organizations—which they should be, since it is simple and stable and requires less time to learn than other RDBMS. It is certainly a useful tool for companies that work in the business intelligence field.

  2. Jude Rees

    The compelling features it posses make data analysis easy. Community support makes it easy to do many tasks. The security this tool provides makes it safer than other database management tools.

  3. Lexus Doyle

    I enjoy working with it and recommend it very much. For years, the companies where I have worked have focused on SQL Server, and my observation is that it confirms its expectations to be excellent.

  4. Adela Norris

    I considered the SQL server user interface to be undoubtedly the most user-friendly and functionally rich. From database creation to review, it offers one-click operations that have simplified my life. About the fact that I am a web developer, an SQL server allows me to manage and interact with databases effectively.

  5. Sean Clark

    This software has a lot of capabilities that are really useful to deal with. And actually, it took a lot less time to learn this program and get used to it. I used this program to construct stored procedures, features, views, database schema. Easy to connect to an external database as well.

  6. Habib Warner

    I use it as an everyday and easy way to flow mail traffic when I can’t reach the computer. I have solved the problem of working out of the office without my computer.

  7. Adam Berry

    With real-time analytics for our business, along with a secure database, Microsoft SQL Server offers protection and great insight to what we do.

  8. Katharine Johnson

    Our department use it as well, including our team, to verify the expected output of data manipulation. It’s pretty standard tool at this point.

  9. Percy Turner

    My experience with SQL Server has been pleasant. If I had employees, I would strongly recommend using their main source to create SQL databases. It makes sense to use a platform that is specialized and can be a one-stop-shop. That is what SQL Server is.

  10. Rochell

    What a wonderful post! This is so chock full of useful information I can’t wait to dig deep and start using the resources you have given me.

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