when to upgrade your windows 10 home to windows 10 pro

When Do You Need to Upgrade Your Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro?

Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro

Most computers, nowadays when bought, come with a pre-installed Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 is the latest operating system of Microsoft which means you get the latest updates, applications, and programs for your device. But of course, Windows 10 doesn’t end on its Home version.

There are other editions available for Windows 10. You might wonder, why do you need to upgrade your Windows 10 Home edition if you have all that you need? The Home edition is commonly known to be used by individual users and family. It has features that best work for commercial use. Meanwhile, other editions of Windows 10, like Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, are made only for professionals or business owners.

Other Versions of Windows 10:

  • Windows 10 Mobile: It is made for small, mobile, and touch-centric devices.
  • Enterprise Edition: This is a jump from Windows Pro and is best for medium to large organizations.
  • Education Edition: This meets the schools’ needs. It is for Teachers, Staff, and Students.
  • Mobile Enterprise Edition: Used to provide a better experience to
  • Business Customers, using smartphones or other mobile devices.

But anyone can enjoy using the professional version as it is similar to the Home version, with added features. What’s even surprising is that Microsoft Store Windows 10 Pro Upgrade price does not cost a lot. With only a few to add to its price, you will get the upgraded version of your Windows Home. So, if you want to buy Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, but you are not yet sure, here are some reasons why you should go for it.

When to Upgrade Your Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro?


Everyone wants to use their device without worrying about digital threats like ransomware, malware, or even anyone accessing their data once the device is lost. For it to achieve, you need an encryption program to protect your data.

Windows 10 Pro has BitLocker, an encryption feature that is only available in the pro version. Bitlocker in the pro version will create an environment that can secure your data while requiring no effort from the user.

It scrambles your data so no one can read its content unless you have an authenticated decrypting recovery key. What makes it special and even better than other encrypting programs is that it uses your Windows login to protect your data. There is no need for another password.

So, if you think you need to secure your data in case of device loss or to add extra protection to your data, then upgrading is the best option you have since only the professional version has Bitlocker.


Not everyone is enthusiastic about virtualization. Even some businesses are not keen on it. But if you want to try another operating system or software not available for Windows 10, the Hyper-V of Windows 10 pro is a must.

Hyper-V is a virtualization software available in the pro version of Windows 10. It creates another window where you can run a whole new operating system and hardware component. But aside from that, there are plenty of reasons why you will like having the virtualization option at hand.

If you need an application temporarily, it is best to run it on a virtualized machine. All you have to do is set a virtual machine, install the application, and remove the virtual machine after using the application. In this way, you will avoid traces left from the software after installing it. This is often the case when you install and uninstall a program on Windows. There would be artifacts, registry entries, and old settings left behind even if the program has been deleted. Such traces could slow down your device, so the best way is to have a virtual machine.

You also get an extra layer of protection when you have a virtual machine. So, if you have a file or software that you downloaded from an untrusted source, you can give it a try using a virtual machine.

All you need is to activate your Hyper-V on your device


Getting updates for your device is crucial. It offers better security and provides a better option. But sometimes we have no desire for such updates because it could take longer, it requires a reboot of your PC, or simply the older version is better than the new one.

For Home users, you can defer updates for a few hours but not that long. So, your only choice is to continue the update. However, with the pro version, you have the option to delay or control updates on your device.

The Update for Business is a free service only available on other Windows 10 versions except for Home. It keeps your device updated with the latest security and features by connecting your device’s system to Windows Update Service. Its primary function is to give you the freedom to control update offerings for reliability and performance testing. Hence, providing a positive experience to users, particularly to organizations or small businesses.

Some updates cause inconvenience to many. It can lead to an unresponsive system as you work while it completes the process. Furthermore, updates given can be incompatible and lead to slowing down the system, or you might experience crashes, which is frustrating.

Therefore, the update for business gives you complete control over updates on your device. You can delay some updates if you want.


Windows Sandbox is a virtual machine similar to Hyper-V but doesn’t have all its features. Sandbox is more of an on-demand virtual machine that uses the same operating system of your device. It runs faster and has been optimized to boot. It’s also a lightweight environment with 100 MB.

You may wonder, why do you need Sandbox if you have a virtual machine? Sandbox has some benefits that VMs don’t. You won’t need to spend more time creating or having to download a virtual machine. In addition, every time you launch a Sandbox, it will create a clean installation of Windows 10. And, when you are done, simply close the window, and it will automatically delete everything.

Sandbox also offers an environment that will secure your device from threats. When you open a file or run a software application on Sandbox, infected files or software won’t affect your main windows. Once you close the Sandbox virtual machine, the threats are automatically removed too.

You can also use Sandbox when browsing online. It provides security as you surf online. In addition, it would remove all your browser’s history once you close the Sandbox.


Both Home and Pro can initiate Remote Desktop Connection, but the Pro version can be remotely controlled. The remote desktop connection allows another device to connect and access your PC’s content, such as apps, files, and even network resources.

This feature will mostly benefit businesses or professionals than those who use Windows for personal use.

You can connect to another PC if it’s turned on, has a network connection, the Remote Desktop is enabled, and there is permission to connect to that computer. If you are included on the user’s list, then you’ll be able to connect to that PC.


Windows 10 Home is suited for individual and family users. It aims to give features that are friendly, easy to use, advanced, and includes the basics. Meanwhile, if you run a business, the professional version will perfectly suit your needs. However, this doesn’t mean that those who use the Home version cannot upgrade to Pro. If you are looking for the features mentioned above, it means that it is time you upgrade your Windows 10 Home to a Pro version to get what you need.

Make sure to look for a reputable source online to buy your Microsoft Windows 10 Pro product key. If you have a product key, go to Start at Settings > Update & Security > Activation > Change Product Key, then enter the product key you have bought. If you don’t have a product key, purchase from authorized dealers or follow the steps mentioned above, and instead of clicking Change Product Key, choose Go to the Store so you can purchase one.

Move to Windows 10 Pro if you know you will need advanced features, like those mentioned above or more. In addition, you’ll even get more enhanced security than that of your Home version. But if you only need simple features, You don’t need to upgrade your Windows 10 Home.

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