Ways Microsoft 365 Can Boost Your Business


Microsoft 365 is one of the most known productivity software in the market. As of March 2020, there are 258 million Office 365 users

Businesses have recognized the benefits of using Microsoft software as part of their programs. Its cloud-based solutions enhance productivity, speed up the turnaround time, and get faster and even better results.

Most recognize Microsoft 365 with its classic Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. But the cloud-based subscription is more than the classic applications.

There are other tools or features present to help your business achieve whatever its goals are.No matter how big or small your business is, Microsoft 365 brings many benefits to boost your business.

Furthermore, you have the option to scale up or down, as there are various subscription plans for Microsoft 365.

So you may wonder, how can Microsoft 365 boost my business?


What can Office 365 Do to Your Business?

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The productivity of your employees is crucial for the success of your business or to achieve your goal. However, it is hard to achieve productivity when you work manually or without tools to reduce simple repetitive tasks.

Using software or leveraging technology such as Microsoft can help with this aspect.

The cloud-based solution allows collaboration on a single document, presentation, or PowerPoint. Members can work on a single project simultaneously and get updates all in real-time to finish tasks immediately.

Besides working on classic applications, other package tools offer automation to help with repetitive tasks.

The Power Automate is a visual designer created to automate business processes or steps, send reminders when needed, connect to over 300 data sources or publicly available API, automate simple tasks like data computation, and so on.

Power Apps allows businesses to create apps for their business rapidly. Apps created with Power Apps are connected to a data source of your choosing.

It could either be a data platform like Microsoft Dataverse or an on-premise data source like SharePoint. The apps created with Power Apps provide a business-rich capability to help automate or transform your business from manual to digital.

Another tool in Microsoft 365 that enhances productivity is SharePoint. With SharePoint, you can share any content you want, from files, news, resources, and more.

Streamline your team’s work and start collaborating effortlessly and securely. Also, you can access your work from your PC to your mobile devices.

With enhanced productivity means more time to deal with other issues or aspects that your business needs.




Microsoft 365

Communication is vital for businesses to succeed. Without communication, teams cannot collaborate well. Departments cannot rely on others on what they require or need.

It would be tough to present a project to a client without communicating with them regularly. Communication bridges the distance between a team or client and helps achieve better results or understanding.

So with Office 365, you get to communicate fast and easily with your workmates to become more productive and get better and enhanced outcomes on your projects.

Office 365 has many tools or features you can use to communicate with your team. One of the most common tools used and part of Office classic apps and 365 is Microsoft Outlook.

It keeps everything organized to access all you need without any delay. You can check your email, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more in one place, so no need to check other windows. Share your content, such as email attachments on OneDrive, so you and your team can work on it.

Here are some ways you can collaborate and communicate using Outlook:

  • Set up meetings online and allow note sharing
  • Share a file or attachment that you and your team can collaborate on.

Since email is predicted to stay for a long time, expect Outlook to be the leading email provider on Office 365.

Microsoft Teams

Another communication tool that is gathering much attention is Microsoft Teams.

It is a place where you can chat, meet, call, and collaborate. Chat with your teammates in a group chat to communicate on projects, or communicate with someone for an individual chat.

You can instantly turn your group chat conversations into a video conference, where a team of two to 10,000 is possible.

You can either make or receive calls such as group calling, cloud voicemail, and call transfer, all equipped with advanced features.

In addition, it also allows collaboration in real-time using apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Microsoft makes sure that every communication or exchange that happens is secure.



Do you know what separates a successful business from one that’s not? Data.

Successful businesses use the power of data to keep their business running. If you know your data or the information you have in your hands, you can effortlessly turn this data into business insights or strategies to help you succeed.

No matter how small your business is, using an analytical tool to manage your business data is crucial. That’s why Microsoft makes sure you have it when you subscribe to Microsoft 365. It’s called Power BI (Power Business Intelligence).

Power BI is like the smarter and advanced version of Microsoft Excel. It uses the data or information gathered from multiple sources and will automatically input it into one place.

The data collected will use to generate reports and create business insights and predictions. Furthermore, you can also create illustrative charts with the information gathered and stored.

  • Bring all data together.

Unlike Excel or other data collecting software, Power BI does the job automatically. All you will do is integrate it into various sources that you use. Within a few minutes, you can get insights and create charts from the data collected.

In addition, you can integrate other applications such as Zendesk, Salesforce, and more. There is also the option of allowing to pull data from any cloud services.

  • Track business data in real-time

The data Power BI has gathered and organized is not enough. You need to transcribe this data into insights that you can understand and apply to your business.

Power BI has a built-in dashboard that can analyze the data collected from various sources and show it in different forms. You can also choose to create your dashboard and analyze the data you have.

This data can be accessed anywhere and anytime on any device.

  • Provides predictive forecasting

With Power BI technology aid, you can get an idea of what your business needs to succeed or grow or how you can promote a product.

Aside from predicting what’s coming, it elaborates information for the upcoming future.

  • Accessible on any device

Wherever you are, you can get access to your business’s data. Power BI can work both on your mobile devices and desktop.

  • Easy to use

It may not be as simple as using Excel, but Power BI has excellent features that are easy to learn. There is no need to know about language programming or ask for help from an IT expert.


How can security help boost your business, you may wonder? Simple, it keeps your data safe to avoid losing your business and spending money to recover it from hackers.

Microsoft 365 is secured with the best security, particularly when you get the enterprise or business package. It detects threats, even new ones, and find ways to stop them from deploying or stealing your data.

Since it works in the cloud, your data are readily backed up if there is a problem or breach.



With Microsoft 365, you get a monthly or yearly subscription plan. No need for a one-time payment that costs a lot for a single piece of software.

In addition, since it’s a cloud-based application, you’ll get the latest updates automatically without extra cost. Get the freedom to scale up your needs or discontinue them if you aren’t happy. Microsoft lets you choose what your business needs.

You don’t have to spend more on maintaining hardware or server for your website, emails, and storage.

Onsite servers are costly, and since you’ll not be needing them when you switch to Microsoft 365, you can save a lot and invest in parts of your business that needs more funding, like the marketing department.



Are you thinking about investing in a cloud-based application for your business? Here you have it, get a copy or subscribe to one of Microsoft 365 Business plans to reap the benefits out of it and watch it boost and grow your business.

Aside from that, get more than what you pay for. No matter how small your business is, Microsoft Office 365 is a perfect fit for all your business needs.

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