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7 Tools For Mobile UI/UX App Designers in 2021

When it comes to mobile app design, the overall design should be dynamic. Even though every application designing project is different from another, your design should be static under no circumstance. To make this possible, mobile app designers can use several tools that can be used to create an innovative and efficient mobile app design.  

An app designing project can vary in different aspects, such as the product’s preferences, the app designers’ experience level, the project’s team size, and many other changing variables. In mobile app design tools, only a few are passed as the best of the best by the app designers.

Useful UI/UX design tools easily integrate into all sorts of app design processes to efficiently serve the project’s creative requirements.


1. MockPlus


The MockPlus is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and best prototyping tools for mobile apps currently available in the market. This app design tool does not require any coding knowledge from the users’ end and allows them to build interactive components with the easy option of drag and drop.

There are more than 200 components and 3000 UI icons that can be efficiently utilized on different platforms. It includes web-based programs iOS and Android. While using MockPlus, the user can preview different design prototypes for your apps on various mobile devices.

Pros of MockPlus Tool:

  • Multi-Platform
  • Extensive Components & Icons
  • Strong Team Support 

Cons of MockPlus Tool:

  • Issues with Interaction Components 
  • Require several steps for Dynamic Actions

2. Sketch


Sketch is a unique tool for designing UX/UI for Mobile and Web Apps on the MAC Operating systems. The Sketch tool stores all developments in its proprietary Sketch format. 

It comes with excellent resizing and prototyping options, new layer lists, improved icons in the toolbar, new filtering mechanism and can be well integrated with the cloud. Latest development libraries allow developers to enhance design systems. 

Sketch Cloud also has shared libraries where designers to share their designs with team members and receive their feedback and comments.


3. Figma


Touted as one of the best wireframing tools for real-time collaboration, Figma is cloud-powered. It allows the liberty to design custom UI components, artboards, add shapes and text with an organized approach. 

Even geographically scattered team members can log in and access the design file simultaneously, whether to tweak the design or add content with Figma.

Collaborative by design and quickly share the latest version of your designs for critique, comments, collaboration, or buy-in. You also get the latest version, so you can be confident that you have the most up-to-date designs.

Moreover, you can do multiplayer editing with Figma. It enables multiple people to view and edit files asynchronously or at the same time. Lastly, you can either leave and receive feedback directly on designs and prototypes through comments.


4. Axure RP


With Axure RP, you get infinite interactions and unlimited power because it is the only UX tool that provides UX professionals the tool to create functional yet realistic prototypes. You can also get vast interactive possibilities and build UX prototypes with numerous compositions of event triggers, conditions, and corresponding actions. It aims to provide user-friendly, explorative digital experiences.

Furthermore, as a wireframing tool, Axure RP makes sure that users don’t need to type in even a single line of code when designing mobile apps and websites. It also contains various documentation tools that can come in handy while documenting the layouts and choices of app designs.

Here, the mobile app designers choose to select the Pro edition or the Standard Model of the tool. The pro model of Axure offers some additional documentation elements and extra advanced prototyping solutions for app designing.

Pros of Axure Tool:

  • Adaptive views
  • Powerful functionality 
  • Time Saver
  • Holistic Approach 

Cons of Axure Tool:

  • Poor Transferability 
  • Issues with Mobility 
  • Printed Specifications

5. JustInMind


JustInMind is your ultimate prototyping solution for UI/UX design that lets you build prototypes faster and communicate better. It is a standalone app design tool to design prototypes and wireframes for a mobile application. The app designers can directly download this tool to their server to be easily used for team collaboration.

With JustInMind, users can add online widgets, document files, HTML codes, and even maps on the application online or offline directly from the widget library.

App designers can design web interactions and mobile gestures that engage and captivate or build straightforward animations to show software behavior. You can use interactions, validations, gestures, transitions, and effects to design fully interactive prototypes. No matter the design stage, see your prototype come to life. Moreover, you can test it easily on real devices with real users.

Pros of JustInMind Tool

  • Quick and Intuitive 
  • Gesture-based Interaction Support 
  • Device-specific Templates 
  • Simulate feature

Cons of JustInMind Tool:

  • Moderate Learning Curve
  • Minor issues with Simultaneous Execution

6. Adobe XD


A multi-purpose wireframing tool, Adobe XD is the latest addition to the Adobe suite of products. It features a minimalistic interface, with a set of onboarding lightboxes to ease the user orientation. 

With Adobe XD, app designers can create, style, and wire artboards. It’s also easy to build design components and publish prototypes and share with Adobe XD. Moreover, you can build these prototypes as interactive as you need.

Left-hand navigation in Adobe XD allows access to very essential wireframe vector design tools. Responsive design aids in Adobe XD help developers create multiple artboards or use resizing tool to create variations of each element.

Moreover, with Adobe XD developers can create the wireframe, mockup, and prototype in the same design file. It omits the need to integrate multiple tools and makes it easy to share the team’s wireframe.


7. Fluent Design System


Fluent UI also unlocks the next-generation of Microsoft 365 experiences towards a true design-to-code system at scale. With Fluent UI, app designers do not have to start from scratch because. Additionally, it is a design system that is both open-source and cross-platform. It provides app designers and developers the necessary frameworks in building engaging product experiences. With this UI design tool, you can provide an accessible and global performance to your users.

For decades, Microsoft has created the world’s most popular productivity solutions. Powerful resources like Office, Outlook, OneDrive, and Teams enable people worldwide to do more. Fluent UI, a collection of UX frameworks, can be used to provide these interactions to consumers.

So, Microsoft unifies both its mobile and web UI libraries in one shared charter. It endeavors to fill the cracks in building and designing code, beginning with a design token system.

Furthermore, its cross-platform controls allow JavaScript developers to utilize Fluent UI’s React Native controls in building interactions across more platforms. Also, every platform can be programmed to have its own design and feel, saving app designers a lot of time while widening their reach.

Microsoft has been steadily tweaking the icons used for a variety of Office apps in 2019. If you haven’t downloaded the Office mobile app yet, do so now.

Microsoft Office Mobile App


Finally, the app design tools and mobile app design software can be referred to as the essentials required by Android and iOS mobile app designers. These mobile app design tools also play a crucial role in gaping the distance between the planning and execution state of the app designing project.

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