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Storytelling Strategies Trending for Web Design

Storytelling in web design is becoming increasingly popular, and we should expect to see more of it in 2021. Along with personalization, which is also essential, designs take on a more narrative nature.

In addition, storytelling is a design technique that conveys messages to users in the most appropriate and meaningful way possible.

The more people who understand that your brand is important and honest, the more genuine its interactions will be. Designers and marketers should use storytelling to build genuine connections with their viewers, which will lead to increased interaction.

Moreover, consumers and audiences are even more captivated when you tell the story behind your brand or product. Users tend to follow the story rather than the brand or the product. You can also engage with the consumer on a personal level. You can appeal to their emotional side and forming a personal bond.

So, make sure you’re able to tell the story of why your brand or product has come to be and what value it brings to your customers. When you explicitly illustrate how your product or brand will bring value to the lives of your consumers, your conversion rate rises.

Moreover, above and beyond the story you’re sharing, make sure your brand or product will back up what you’re saying. Your product or brand must be able to walk the talk, so to speak.

Also, tell a story with substance and truth to it. When your consumers come across your product or brand, make sure they have the opportunity to experience the story for themselves.

Your brand story can live on through positive product reviews from your customers, as well as word-of-mouth referrals that boost your brand.

Here are some examples of incorporating storytelling in design:

Storytelling in Web Design, Naba Zabih

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Storytelling in Web Design, Baikal
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Web Design Elements That Can Help You Tell a Story

When telling a story in web design elements, you can use a variety of design elements. According to Elementor, you can use the following:

  • Color 
  • Line 
  • Shape
  • Values of light (and darkness)
  • Form 
  • Composition
  • Perspective
  • Space
  • Texture

These elements are not new. It takes imagination and vision to combine these elements that designers are so familiar with in order to tell a compelling story solely through imagery.

It gives these elements new life, transforming them into something the users haven’t seen before. With these usual elements, web design storytelling aims to create something unique and widely compelling to keep its users glued to the website’s content.

This storytelling is most visible in social media posts. A brand’s social media account is simply a curation of a brand’s story, told in such a way that it evokes users to click, like, share, and buy.


Some Design Techniques for a Narrative Web Design

1. Animation

Let go of all the non-web design principles and elements that were once held in high regard. Additionally, to tell a story, combine colors, scaling, depth of field, manipulate perspective and point of view, brighten and cast shadows, and, if possible, add shapes.

Furthermore, your creativity and ingenuity are the only limitations when envisioning how you can deliver the website’s set goals with out-of-the-box storytelling.

2. Practicality

You can also create an immersive design by programming your design’s movements and activities to react to the actions of your users. Scrolling, for example, can initiate animations or transitions, while hovering over buttons can draw attention to a particular design feature.

3. Embedded Elements

Also include pro-grade images, stunning videos, and other multimedia elements.

There should be a clear visual map when you use different mediums, so the story remains clear, and your website does not become cluttered. A high-quality image, for example, can lead to another landing page with a video. Whichever way you design, there should be a connecting pattern woven into the audience’s imagination.

Additionally, make certain that the message, feelings, and even the characters you use remain consistent during transitions and the like. A break in your continuity is a break in your story, making your narrative web design weak.

3. Story Development

Plan out your pages and design elements carefully, just as you would in any story. You must have an opening or introduction scene. This may be the first landing page that users see after clicking on your connection or visiting your website.

Make sure that this first landing page needs to be compelling to draw the audience to the next link or act one of your narratives. Maybe you piqued their interest and they want to learn more about your product, so what should the next landing page they see be?

Make certain that you do not lose your audience at this stage. Further, if you promised to provide more detail about your product, maybe you can do so with a brief but concise video that gives them a glimpse of your product and how it can add value.

You can also add one or two more pages if appropriate, such as a page for those who have additional questions that lead to your FAQ page. It may be a chart or an interactive website. Make sure you have a convincing CTA or Call to Action for those who are interested in buying or viewing the information.

Your CTA needs to lead the users to that point in the story where they are left with no choice but to take action and get some resolution to their situation.

This is similar to Act 3, where the climax of the story is ideally a good link, or even better, a conversion (subscription or sale).


Image Source: Elementor


Some Examples of Narrative Digital Marketing Campaigns


1. Dove #ProjectShowUs

Narrative Web Design, Dove AU

This particular Dove campaign is so visually appealing that it’s unlikely, regardless of gender identity, not to click on the photos or CTA buttons on the first page alone.

Dubbed as #ProjectShowUs aims to break traditional and constricting standards of what is beautiful. The gorgeous photos of confident women embracing their unique beauty demonstrate the website’s message that “Beauty is not determined by form, height, or color,” and show you—the user—that you, too, have your own unique beauty to embrace.

Above all that, the campaign is authentic, unique, and real, much like what the website says it aims to give. It sparks enough curiosity in the readers to click on every image that shows women showing real-life versions of beauty. Finally, at the end of a user’s encounter with the website, it will not be surprising if the user becomes a believer in their own beauty and, consequently, support this brand and its products even more.

2. Nissan Note

Likewise, we see a new approach to narrative or storytelling web design in the Nissan Note campaign: parallax scrolling. It enables you to see the different layers of a design. Each layer responding differently to how the users scroll through the website.

Parallax scrolling creates depth, a user-controlled immersive interaction. It can also increase visitor engagement and curiosity, drawing them through your brand’s narrative seamlessly.

Any kind of immersive or interactive design is very powerful because it gives users the feeling of control of their site interaction.

Moreover, the car brand Nissan Note‘s Japanese site uses parallax scrolling to convey their product’s story powerfully. Users will definitely scroll down until the end to see what happens in the end. It tells a compelling story about a car for the entire family.

Storytelling in Web Design, Nissan Note, Softvire Australia

Image Source: Nissan Note

If you were in the same country or had access to purchase this car, you would probably be calling the company by now or digging through the site for prices and contact information.

3. Pampers #SharetheLove Campaign

Pampers launches the “Share the Love” campaign is a narrative digital marting campaign that uses heart-warming videos to encourage moms everywhere. It sprung after a survey reveals that 9 out of 10 mothers worry they are not doing a good job. The campaign is meant to uplift moms, inspire them, and remind them that they are doing great.

The video above is compelling, especially since it uses the point of view of their children. The ad  starts with the line, “Imagine if we saw ourselves the way our babies see us.”

Make sure your customers experience the story themselves when they come across your product or brand.

In addition, the mother-and-child bond is always touching and relatable, even if you may not be either of those. That human struggle that moms, especially new moms, go through is relatable. We go through that familiar feeling of inadequacy no matter what career we may have or what role in the family we may be carrying.

The movement wants to empower moms to rethink their internal dialogues to join other moms’ communities. It aims to celebrate their extraordinary role in their children and their families lives. These videos incorporated in their websites and social media channels are very effective in getting this narrative across.

You can also make the design immersive. You can use the movements and activities in your design are set to respond to your user’s actions.

Get Your Message Across With a Narrative Web Design

If you want your website and your digital marketing campaigns to stand out in 2021, you need to think of unique and unconventional ideas to get your message across to your target audience.
Remember that your audiences do not just follow you for your brand name or your products. Firstly, they follow you for your brand identity. Secondly, they follow you for what your brand stands for. Thirdly, they follow you for how your brand adds substance to their lives.
Strategize and learn from your customers to outrank competitors this 2021. Users will also go for brands that “get” them the most. In addition, they want brands that provide content that answers their interests or current queries.


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Conclusion: Tell Your Story With the Best Design Tools

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