Security Protection for Your Microsoft Windows Server

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Windows Server Security has a significant impact on the organization, from the top management to the staff. Having a lack of security protection is a severe threat. It will potentially ruin all regular businesses and bring an end to the organization.

With increasing cyber attacks, businesses are investing extensively in securing their IT infrastructures with a layered approach to securing servers. Server-level protection and security regulation is the highest priority list for security experts and system administrators across businesses.

It is essential for improving modern businesses to be aware of cyber threats, especially in the lead-up to and during major incidents. In this article, we’ll discuss how we protect our Windows Server against cyberattacks.

Windows Server Security


Microsoft Windows Server has the latest features in includes Windows Security and provides the new antivirus protection. This device will actively secure from the start of Windows 10.

Windows Security scans malware viruses and security risks. It must update it regularly to help keep the computer secure and protect it from threats. It is a built-in to Windows 10 and includes an antivirus program called Microsoft Defender Antivirus

How to secure your server

Searching for ways on how to secure your Windows Server can include a wide array of technical information. We’ve made simple web server security best practices that you should follow to protect your server. 

Use a secure connection

Passwords are vulnerable to aggressive attacks. Cyber attackers use potent algorithms to test large combinations of letters and numbers to break passwords. 

SSH (Secure Shell) is a more secure alternative to password-based verification. It establishes a secure connection with your server using a pair of formed secure keys and sharing with the public. Using ssh, it encrypts all data exchanged.

One of the security tools that hide all users on your network behind the IP address is called a proxy server. By this, it makes it more difficult for hackers to access specific devices.

Connect via a private network or VPN

Another advised security technique is the use of a private network or a virtual private network. A private network is restricted to those users or servers when using a personal IP address. The same environment can be reached by connecting remote servers to a VPN.

Employ SSL/TLS

Server security certificates are an encryption Internet security protocol. – SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and its successor TLS(Transport Layer Security).

TLS is a widely adopted security protocol designed to facilitate privacy and data security for communications over the Internet. They secure network communications by scrambling sensitive data sent via the Internet.

Regularly update your operating system.

Outdated software is vulnerable to cybercriminals, and updates keep users safe from dangerous holes in your business.

Having reliable and updated security is essential as software update notes reveal the patched-up harm holes entry to the public. These harm holes will have a chance to enter your business, and your confidential data may harm.

Configure the OS based on best practice guidelines

Ensure your operating system design according to the best standards in server security for optimum protection. These include:

  • Change your default passwords on any installed software. 
  • Sets user privileges to the minimum for the individual to do their job.
  • Deleting or disabling any unnecessary accounts
  • Creates guidelines for passwords and makes sure all the system passwords comply.
  • It is disabling any unnecessary services or applications.

Why Windows Server Security important?

Server security is designed to protect web servers and their digital assets against tampering. Sensitive information stored in Windows servers needs to translate into encrypted code. The proper protection delivers powerful tools to secure the integrity of this data.

For instance, Microsoft SQL Standard provides all fundamental database, analytics capabilities, and reporting to a secure server.

It is essential to secure your business server and systems more today or even your home to avoid cybers crime. There are a lot of trusted softwares in the market that you can use. One of them is iolo Search and Recover.


What is Iolo Search and Recover?


Iolo Technologies is an editor’s choice for its high-quality products, and iolo Search & Recover is no exception.

Iolo Search and Recover recovers deleted files, photos, songs, and emails. It recovers from drives and popular email programs and offers one-click recovery to make it fast and easy in real-time.

Users will get full access to the application functionality. A two scanning mode (Smart and Strong), working filter, sample, and many other useful options. It supports a vast number of file formats and is suitably for recovering tasks and or secure deletion of data traces. Let’s take a look at its features:

  • Convenient Total Recovery helps you restore lost data from folders, devices, drives, or CD-DVD with a single click.
  • SmartScan automatically finds lost data so you can get back to work immediately.
  • StrongScan finds more deleted data than other products, even years after deletion.
  • Create safe storage and backup for your essential files.
  • Make mirror copies of all drives for effortless recovery to prevent potential data loss.
  • Option to Search and Recover directly from CD for maximum recovery and to prevent potential damage.
  • Make virtual drives to run DVD or CD content at faster hard drive speeds.
  • Permanently erase sensitive information and securely from PC or digital device.
  • Recover deleted tasks, notes, journals, contacts, and more from Microsoft Outlook®.
  • A step by step feature wizards and one-click operations that make data recovery simple and convenient

Conclusion: Keeping your server security is easier 

Securing Web Servers are very important and vital to secure the IT infrastructure of every business. Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to maintain your security with the advanced features in the windows server of Microsoft SQL Server Standard 2017

SQL Server Standard delivers full database capabilities for mid-tier applications and data marts. A relational management system primarily stores and retrieves data requested by other applications. Microsoft also offers other Microsoft digital products that help protect your business no matter what server you use. 




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