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Remote Work in New Normal: LinkedIn is Now Integrated with Office 365

Most of professionals across all fields have already been using Office 365 and LinkedIn separately for their work tasks every day. However, Microsoft made a strategic move last a few years ago by buying LinkedIn. It was a great addition to Office 365 as these two platforms complement each other well. 

LinkedIn provides a robust professional networking platform for every employee. At the same time, Office 365 allows every professional to manage all of their work efficiently from a centralized location. With this, the integration makes sense. 

In this article, we’ll show how LinkedIn and Microsoft are making it easier to collaborate with your colleagues, and you’ll see why it’s vital that the power of LinkedIn is in Office 365.  

Office 365 and LinkedIn Integration

Last 2016, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for over $26 billion. It was a very strategic move, as LinkedIn is considered one of the most influential and effective social media platforms globally. 

The good news is that LinkedIn is now integrated with Office 365, the most popular enterprise suite for e-mail, file sharing, and document processing. Imagine when getting a database with access from Microsoft Outlook to LinkedIn’s 500 million users. That’s what you get with the Office 365 and LinkedIn integration.

In fact, Microsoft is now connecting its two networking services Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn. So it will now be possible to display and directly integrate LinkedIn contacts in Outlook. Among other things, this integration aims to simplify communication and allow users to obtain more information about their e-mail partners without needing to take a circuitous route via another portal. Also, comparable features are planned for Microsoft Dynamics 365, although it’s likely that only the Sales variant of Dynamics will support it.

Office 365

Office 365 is the popular enterprise suite offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft digital products. Mostly used for e-mail, file sharing, and document processing that offers many features that every business needs. You can also use it for work purposes, projects, and even for our school.

In addition, it has a convenient e-mail management with Outlook, a complete document processing suite, instant messaging, voice and video calls, and encrypted cloud storage. Most importantly, Office 365 offers all these programs and applications on a single, accessible platform.

Microsoft 365 Plans

Office 365 has also three major plans and these plans have different packages offers. It includes:

  • Microsot Office 365 Personal
  • Microsoft Office 365 Home
  • Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium


Meanwhile, LinkedIn is considered one of the most influential and effective social media platforms in the world. LinkedIn provides a vast wealth of data to lead prospects and connect with businesses or other professionals. 

It’s good news when Microsoft purchased LinkedIn. It gained a wide range of business information not just from a popular social media network.

In the same way, Microsoft has made it easy for professionals to develop and maintain their business connections by integrating the capabilities of Office 365 and LinkedIn. Importantly, you do not have to leave Office 365 to go to LinkedIn to gain business information—it is perfect to view, easily accessible via mouseovers and other features.

LinkedIn Functions in Office 365

At the start of LinkedIn integration, not all features are included in office 365 products. But the functions are first implemented in Outlook Web Access and its calendar and OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online. The following image illustrates Outlook Online integration:

These functions have been designed to be integrated with Outlook desktop customers, Dynamics, Cortana, and other services in Office 365. These functions will also support the Outlook and SharePoint mobile applications.

The Resume Assistant

Even if you are not active in job searching, you need a decent resume to show your experiences and interest in your sector for prospective employers, colleagues, as well as others. In our digital world, you need an excellent resume to stay relevant and connected. It is the world of networking. 

Many C-level leaders paid the highest dollars for polishing the resumes to the nine, but the ordinary person would not have the budget to hire a writer for his resume. Luckily, there is an option – LinkedIn introduced office 365 integration and a Resume Assistant.

Resume Assistant is found within Microsoft Word. It allows users to quickly mine profiles of more than 500 million LinkedIn users to take inspiration from professional sample summaries in similar positions.

To access the Research Assistant:

  • Open Word and head over to Review > Resume Assistant > Get started. 
  • Click on “See Examples” to view similar LinkedIn profiles in your field. You can also filter top skills identified by LinkedIn.

For instance, it can use for so much more than resume writing when you integrate the Resume Assistant. In other words, you can use it to notify recruiters that you’re actively looking for a job. Besides, there are other benefits, and it includes:

  • Signaling availability for recruitment through Open Candidates
  • Filtering jobs by skills to better match your experience
  • Customize your resume to improve how well you present your profile  to others

Profile Cards

LinkedIn profile cards help you look at Outlook for an employee’s work background, qualifications, and other essential facts and make it easier to familiarize yourself with your experience.

Master the Art of Connecting

You get the approval of your authenticity if you introduce yourself to a person who already knows you. It is a warm introduction to the world of networking, and it is one of the most important currencies in the world.

With a warm introduction, you already have someone in common. It can help the conversation flow more freely while building trust. Profile cards will allow you to ask for a warm introduction to your organization’s contacts. It’s not what you do as they say, nor who you know as they say. Besides, the warm introduction leads to career openings, partnerships, sales, and more.

Accelerate Your Sales

In the B2B space, you need to be practical about where and how you get your leads. There are so many hours in the day, and 100 random phone calls aren’t going to be nearly as effective as five targeted inquiries. 

However, LinkedIn helps you build strategic relationships and drive your sales by connecting with the right people. It gives them access to over 500 million users with professional profiles. It’s a no-brainer that sales drive business. The funnel needs to keep flowing through vigilance and persistence.

Administration (enabling integration)

The integration of LinkedIn for Office 365 will not occur directly in the Office 365 Admin Center instead of the connected Azure Active Directory. An enable feature for user groups is currently not available, and the either/or principle will apply.

Users proceed as follows to enable LinkedIn integration:

Login Office 365 –> “Administration” -> “Admin Center” -> “Azure AD” (opens in a new browser window) -> “Azure Active Directory Admin Center” -> “Azure Active Directory” > “User Settings” – and then check the box to enable LinkedIn.

Office Graph & LinkedIn integration

As Microsoft spokesperson Frank X. Shaw noted during a press briefing ahead of the event, the idea behind integrating the Microsoft Graph and the LinkedIn Graph is about creating a more modern workplace. 

The Office Graph backend tool supports LinkedIn integration. It makes the connection between different sources easier for users. It is a cloud-driven machine learning process (ML) developed around an algorithm of self-learning.

Microsoft Graph is a cloud-based API for Office 365 and LinkedIn integration. It’s also built on an algorithm for self-learning. You get a richer and more real-time perspective through LinkedIn integration:

  • Jobs
  • Co-workers
  • Prospects
  • Recruiting
  • Learning
  • Universities

In short, you’ll get simplify and centralize communication without having to open any other portals.

Connect Microsoft Office 365 + LinkedIn in Minutes

The Microsoft Office 365 + LinkedIn can easily be connected and requires almost zero coding experience – your imagination is the only limit. Zapier lets you automatically submit information between Microsoft Office 365 and LinkedIn in just a few minutes and without a single line of code. Here are the steps on how Office 365 and LinkedIn integration works:

Step 1: Authenticate Microsoft Office 365 + LinkedIn. (it will take 30 secs)

Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick you off your automation. (it will take 15 secs)

Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app. (it will retake 15 secs)

Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to other

That’s it! More time to work on things. 

Conclusion: LinkedIn Integration with Office 365 at New Normal

LinkedIn enhances the collaboration of remote workers with applications and services from Microsoft by collecting relevant information about people in their organization, inside and outside. 

In this new normal economy, Office 365 and LinkedIn integration improves productivity and networking to many professionals. It allows users to gather critical insights and connections with other professionals.

Since office 365 is a cloud-based solution, it’s easy to implement and use virtually anywhere, which is helpful today. With this integration, remote workers make more productive and bring more intelligence experience experiences in this new normal.

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