INFOGRAPHICS: Does it Help In Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Do you incorporate infographics into your digital marketing for business? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a lot of marketing opportunities.

As humans, we are known to grasp pictures faster than text and recollect them with greater ease. In one experiment, test participants only remembered ten seconds of each of the 2500 images they watched. Another study found that presentations with graphs and visual aids were 43 percent more efficient than those with just text.

Without question, infographics are an excellent method to stand out and make your brand stand out, as well as help digital marketers improve their business game. See how it can help you improve your digital marketing strategy as well.


What Do You Need to Know About Infographics?


An infographic is considered one of the most effective tools for combining data and facts. It combines the information into creative, interesting, or easily understandable graphics. You can share it across several platforms to ensure that the knowledge you want to instill in readers is correct.

One of the most valuable features of infographics is their adaptability. You may promote infographics on Instagram, publish them on your webpage, or print them as handouts or posters.


How Does it Help in Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Yes, since infographics increase brand exposure and recognition when used as part of a digital marketing strategy. You can use them repeatedly to maintain a brand’s recognition and promotion. It is true that the more you use them, the better. Infographics are a solid visual tool for sharing business information in a fun and interactive way. These graphic tools significantly improve digital marketing campaigns by allowing users to express information effectively while increasing brand familiarity. Here’s how a great infographic may benefit you with your digital marketing strategy:


1. Infographics Boost Brand Recognition

You want your business to be noticed by your potential customers, particularly those who are ignorant of it. What’s the most excellent way to go about doing it? Infographics work effectively on the website because we live in a world of immediate satisfaction. People are likely to post graphics of helpful content that give searchers a solution in the form of texts. This is for the reason that it is more searchable and exciting.

Researchers desire immediate solutions. They’ve come to expect search engines to deliver the answers they need in a matter of seconds. When a business is new to the internet or hasn’t employed digital marketing or SEO, it’s unlikely that they’ll rank towards the top of the search results. It means that they’re overlooking the opportunity to answer the searcher’s issues and convert them into a lead. New businesses should focus their energy on providing content. Since it is accessible rather than developing extensive content, no matter how beneficial it is.

In a crowded market, infographics may help your digital content stand out, especially when there is so much competition. Your content must be superior to what’s already accessible online, whether it’s in the form of infographics, videos, or blogs. For new enterprises and internet firms, creating and promoting an infographic may be highly advantageous. Infographics allow you to graphically communicate your thoughts in a digital format that is easy to share. When people can simply share your content, they help expose your brand to a greater number of prospective customers.


2. Infographics Elevate Rankings and Organic Search Traffic

It is important that your infographics assist or entertain people in your industry. Since influencers, bloggers, authors, and journalists in the same field will share them with their communities. They give you credit by referencing and connecting to your site. The more respectable businesses in your industry that link to you, the better your organic results will be. It shows search engines like Google that authoritative sites trust your site by promoting to and reviewing it. Google acknowledges that trust with higher rankings for key things on your site because it perceives such sites as reputable. It is Google’s purpose when people search is to give them the most pertinent information as fast as possible.

By putting the image onto a page and including a hyperlink directly to the source, infographics are simple to include on a website. The most detailed link is a contextual connection. It occurs when a writer, blogger, editor, or researcher creates article and includes a back link to your site. On the other hand, the inserted code hyperlink is the most straightforward sort of backlink for infographics. Since it only takes copying and pasting the link tags into the website.


3. Infographics Aids in Lead Generation

Marketing professionals recognize that the correct information must be supplied to potential customers instantly for each customer journey stage. For potential consumers, using an amazing infographic with factual information to introduce them to a firm is excellent. And also, putting them through the sales funnel can be an outstanding technique.

When a potential customer is ready to make a purchase, they are more likely to choose a service that has provided them with the valuable and appropriate information. Infographics not only help to show information appealingly, but they also help build trust among the target audience.


4. Infographics Improve Conversion Rate

Getting clients’ attention online is more vital than ever. Rather than bombarding potential customers with spam emails and useless offer approaches, allow them to find you on their terms. Infographics educate people about your products and services and assist you in converting leads into revenues.

Infographics should provide material to match demand in your industry, amuse, and give the most specific outcome to your customers’ simple occurrence or worry. Using an infographic to explain content is one of the excellent ways to lure readers into your webpage effortlessly.

This sequence of events gradually leads to more significant traffic to your website from other related sites in your industry. Furthermore, the more visitors from your target audience who come to your site, the higher your chances of selling.

Infographics are a few large pieces of information that can grab customers’ attention, encourage sharing, and increase brand confidence. When you make an effort to develop an infographic with helpful information, you’re giving clients exactly what they want. There is no recommended way to increase conversions and build a strong relationship than this.



Infographic Guide: How to Plan & Create an Amazing Infographic


General Tools in Making an Amazing Infographics

Infographics are utilized in blog articles, website material, and social media posts by digital content creators. Read How to Plan and Create Amazing Infographic for more infographics guide by Mayleen Meñez.


1. Canva

Many content creators have turned to Canva for posters, visual social networking platforms, business cards, and — you guessed it — infographics. Thanks to the dozens of templates accessible, you can create eye-catching infographics even if you don’t have any creative abilities. One of the best aspects about this is that it is entirely free to use. All that’s left for you to do now is establish an account.


2. Google

Yes, Google has a product for almost anything, even infographics. Google Charts is a powerful and valuable tool that is also available for free. Unlike some of the other infographic producers on our list. It integrates with other platforms such as Google Analytics. Real-time data collection is possible. Other charts with reliable findings can be linked together and viewed from a single dashboard.


3. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a digital production software that is simple to use and comes with a variety of themes. It provides a variety of applications for creating charts, graphs, and other graphics that combine well with your infographics. If you want to collaborate on your infographics, Microsoft Office 365 has collaborative office software that will let you work together more efficiently. The following are a few of the tools included in this collection.

  • One Drive for Business
  • Outlook Email
  • Skype for Business (instant messaging, online meetings, broadcast)
  • Office 365 Groups
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Delve Boards
  • SharePoint (publishing sites, intranet, team news, document sharing)
  • Office 365 Video
  • Yammer


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