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Boost Your Business with Microsoft Windows 10 and Server Data Center


With today’s proliferation of productivity web tools, Office 365 tools continue to dominate. It’s the same with Windows Operating Systems. Windows still dominate iOS, Linux as an operating system.

The abundance of goods and services that come with the entire Microsoft fleet offers businesses effective, holistic, and competent solutions for both individual users.

While many do use Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, it’s still better to turn to Windows 10 so you get the latest developments in Windows OS, equipped and able to fulfill your business needs.


Why is Windows 10 Worth Your Choice?

Microsoft decided earlier this year to end its support for Windows 7. And although you can still use your copy of Windows 7, you know you pine for those updates, immediate tech support, and even the community of users and professionals who freely share information and insight when you are troubleshooting an issue the like.

This move is most likely to encourage users to shift to the latest Windows 10. And although the past versions of Windows are great, with creatures of comfort satisfied with its performances, there are numerous compelling reasons why Windows 10 is the best choice for you.

According to Net Market Share, more and more users realize this because Windows 10 shares rose to 62.16% in 2020 than Windows 7, now at 20.93%. There is such a convenience to the new version that trumps out the old one.

Microsoft Windows 10 is shining with impressive features and a security system that provides what people need the most in software security.


Windows 7 vs. Windows 10

It’s hard to make a switch when you have already got used to specific software or operating system. Its features have become second nature, and even with your eyes closed, you can easily use your device. However, new software or operating system has new and improved features that are not often seen in older versions. Therefore, shifting to a new version is the best choice.



As mentioned earlier, Microsoft ended support for Windows 7, which means the security system is left with unpatched security holes. Without updates on software and security, devices would be easily hacked. Therefore, the only way to solve such an issue is to upgrade to the latest OS.

However, despite lacking the support of current updates, you can still manage to secure your device with software programs to keep them safe.

The latest Windows has the best of all the OS security as compared to other systems of Microsoft. It receives continuous updates to secure the device. Also, it includes 2-factor authentication security, which adds a layer of protection for the user.

Another security of the latest Microsoft is the Device Guard. It allows the blocking of zero-day threats. It examines unsigned software programs and applications to ensure that they are not injected with harmful codes.

Windows Hello is a biometric support system that reduces passwords and relies more on biometric measures such as facial, iris, and fingerprint recognition.



When it comes to speed and performance, Windows 10 is faster than its predecessors. The continuous updates offer a boost in speed, loading time, and performance. With that, it makes the latest system an excellent choice for businesses because it enhances productivity.

In addition to helping businesses improve the workplace’s productivity, boost speed and performance enhance gaming performance.



Windows 7 users are comfortable with its Start button, the 3D-like icons, and the easy search bar seen below the Start Menu. Besides, OS 7 shows notifications on the right lower corner, making it easy to see if your device requires your attention.

However, with the latest OS, it combines the interface of Windows 8 and 7. It has a Start button, but the Menu appears to look like the Windows 8 tile or tablet-like appearance. The icons appear to have a flat look. The Search menu also includes web search results, and notifications are all located on the Action Center, organized in a central spot.



You can download applications from the Windows Store to personalize your device. This feature is only seen in the latest Microsoft Operating System. The store is a convenient and secure place to browse all the apps you need.



The old MS Windows OS lacks the native browser, Microsoft Edge. Edge is a new and modern web browser that’s more secure than other browsers. Furthermore, it has advanced features that also allow to markup pages with handwritten notes or annotations. Edge is considered one of the fastest browsers.

There are many differences between the two operating systems, but the ones mentioned above are evident. Of course, the interface is the first difference you can spot immediately.

So, now that you’ve seen some differences between the two, it is time to see the best features of Windows 10. And it might even convince you to shift to it.


Best Features of Windows 10



Microsoft made a personal productivity assistant that helps users to save time and focus on their work. Cortana assists in doing simple tasks that can be managed using your voice. You can search for files, photos, manage your calendars, launch a PowerPoint presentation, check on your task or schedule, and even send an email.

It reminds the user of events or tasks they have scheduled, does quick research when you ask an open-minded question, and performs calculations.



The Task View enhances productivity with virtual desktops. It allows users to create more than one desktop on a single device. The desktop runs on a remotely stored online server. Therefore, you can access the content of your virtual desktop on any device with login info.

The task view also comes with a timeline feature that permits users to continue their work on another device. Furthermore, you can organize the apps and content.

Both the Timeline and Virtual Desktop of Task View helps enhance productivity, especially for business users.



Microsoft’s Action Center is where you can locate all notifications and actions you need to manage. It displays all notifications and provides quick solutions to issues.

Quick action is a useful feature on the Action Center that provides access or fix tasks such as screen brightness, Wi-Fi, Quiet Hours, and more.

You also have the option to customize your action panel. You can add more or remove actions such as Windows tips and tricks, app notifications, appointment reminders, and hide notifications when presenting.



Windows Security provides users with the latest protection online from threats such as malware, viruses, and more. It is one of the best built-in security systems of Microsoft. Its activity protects devices, gives real-time updates and protection, and automatically downloads the updates that the device needs.

In addition, Windows security comes with an antivirus program called Microsoft Defender Antivirus that protects devices from threats. It automatically turns off when there is another antivirus app installed.

Aside from protection against viruses, here are other benefits of Windows Security.

    • Firewall and network protection from hackers.
    • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen protects devices against potentially dangerous threats in apps, files, web pages, and more.
    • Monitor the device’s health performance and clean your device to boost speed.
    • It protects your entire family by tracking your kids’ online activities and other devices.



Microsoft Edge is the latest and fastest browser of Microsoft. They have replaced their Internet Explorer with one that fits perfectly with the demand of current times. Browsing becomes effortless as Microsoft Edge combines excellent performance, compatibility, and speed. Also, you get more control over your data and the protection of your privacy.

With the options to customize your browser, you can get an experience to make you more productive. You can add the features or tools you often use.



Windows Sandbox is a virtual machine that is present in the Pro and Enterprise versions. It lets you test programs or apps in a secure environment. Nothing gets away from the virtual machine. Even after using it, nothing remains. Everything is removed.

Having such a tool allows you to deploy a software’s action, and even if it contains malicious content, it won’t affect your main system. You will get to see if the software you are about to install is safe or not. Aside from testing apps and software, it can also be used to check on websites you do not trust.



Start Menu is one of the most convenient options people always keep looking for. Hence, most prefer using the Windows 7 OS. But when Microsoft introduced Windows 10, they brought it back! What’s even surprising about the Start Menu’s comeback is that Microsoft makes sure that it’s not just similar to the previous OS. Now it combines the Start Menu of the older version of Microsoft and the Windows 8 version.

You get a start menu with a list of apps you installed, shortcuts, frequently used, live tiles that you can pin, and include anything you want. After all, it’s customizable. Resize your start menu and tiles, stop live tiles update, group tiles in a folder, change color, and more.



If you are an avid gamer, you’ll enjoy Windows 10. Aside from providing features for individual and business users, it also has one of the best OS for those who like to play games.

DirectX 12 is the latest graphic API by Microsoft. It allows access to the hardware component of your PC, especially the graphics card. It efficiently uses and distributes the load on multiple GPU cards and processors. Therefore, making games run faster and with better graphics.

Game Mode prevents interruption when playing. It stops background activities like notifications or updates from appearing.

Xbox Game Bar is designed to capture screenshots, record games, check on the PC performance, chat with others, and control the volume without the need to leave the game.



Windows 10 is packed with a lot of great features you’ll enjoy. If you are still using Windows 7 and want more advanced and modern features, Windows 10 is the best choice. Plus, you get more updates that protect your system and tools you can try.

Windows 10 comes in Home Version or a Professional Version. It is also easy to verify if your Windows is Genuine or cracked. Good thing that you can shop for Windows 10 OS here at Softvire, as we are one of Microsoft’s official distributors of their best products. 

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